Keep clients coming back With personalized postcard marketing

Send effortless, automated direct mail that people love to get. The difference for your business? Increased loyalty, higher sales, and a brand that stands apart from the crowd.



Make Marketing Personal

Your customers are bombarded with emails and digital ads every day. Build real trust and brand recognition with a proven method that’s personal, tangible, and effective.


Endless Personalization Options

Cardvey offers many personalization options, so each of your customers or prospects can receive a message that’s unique to them. You can add dynamic personalization fields to your cards. Cardvey even allows you to create custom contact fields to use in your postcards, so the possibilities are endless!


Easy to use

Our software is simple and straightforward, making every step of the process easy and intuitive. Send as many postcards as you want for birthdays, special occasions, or business campaigns. Just upload your contacts, create your postcards, and schedule them in just a few minutes!

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Pricing that Works for You

Get started with the pricing plan that best fits your needs. There are no minimums to the number of postcards you can send!



  • Contact management
  • Design library
  • Personalized messages
  • QR code with tracking
  • Postcard tracking


  • 4x6 postcard$0.99
  • 6x9 postcard$1.49
  • 6x11 postcard$1.99
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  • All from FREE
  • Birthday automation
  • Premium postcard designs


  • 4x6 postcard$0.89
  • 6x9 postcard$1.29
  • 6x11 postcard$1.79
Coming soon



  • All from Basic
  • Zaiper integration
  • Random postcard automation
  • Auto move updates
  • Free list cleaning


  • 4x6 postcard$0.79
  • 6x9 postcard$1.09
  • 6x11 postcard$1.59

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